plastic pallet

Product Model
1210 mesh double face
External Dimensions
(L * W * H)
1200 X 1000 X 150mm
47.24 X 39.37 X 5.91in
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Plastic Pallets

  • Made of 100% new version of HDPE and PP
  • 4 way entry points with forklifts/2 way entry points with pallet jack

Rackable plastic pallets are heavy duty due to a high load capacity they handle.
The combination of HDPE material and robust design makes our pallets the perfect choice for any application. This is irrespective of your industry – electronics, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, etc.

Our plastic pallets are manufactured from high-density polyethylene which makes them durable, sturdy and long-lasting. Due to their material, they are resistant to weather, corrosion, chemicals, and most other environmental damage. The added advantage is that when they are not in use, they can be stored away very easily because of their reversible and stackable pallet design. We have a variety of available plastic pallets for sale. We can also manufacture custom plastic pallet sizes based on customer's needs on-demand

These Plastic Pallets are stackable for efficient storage. Made of high-density virgin polyethylene for long life. Plastic Pallets are maintenance free and safer to handle than wooden pallets.
Plastic Skids Pallets are ideal for export, pharmaceutical, medical, and food applications.

Production process

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